Question: Is Panda Express Good Place To Work?

What are the benefits of working at Panda Express?

Benefits include health insurance, income protection, paid time off, educational scholarships and more.

We offer competitive pay for all positions, as well as bonuses for all associates.

Eligible associates are offered stock options and 401(k) savings accounts..

How often do Panda Express employees get paid?

two weeksYou’re paid every two weeks. Panda Express starting wage is $10.50 and you can always move up so increasing your salary.

How long does Panda Express background check take?

Around two weeksWhen should I expect a call from Panda Express after submitting the background check information? Around two weeks.

How much does a Panda Express employee make?

Panda Express Resturant Jobs by Hourly RateJob TitleRangeAverageJob Title:CashierRange:$9 – $15Average:$11Line CookRange:$9 – $16Average:$12Cook, RestaurantRange:$9 – $16Average:$12Cook, Fast FoodRange:$10 – $18 (Estimated *)Average:-3 more rows•Mar 10, 2021

How many hours do Panda Express employees work?

7-8 hours7-8 hours per day.

Is express a good company to work for?

I absolutely love my time at express. The environment is good and the managers and coworkers are amazing, however, the pay is extremely low and hours are extremely sparce, at least in 2020. … Coworkers were great and management was friendly. Great place to work when just starting out.

Do Panda Express workers get free food?

Employee Comments Employee meal free when working. Eat what you want as long as you finish. Free meals are always good! The best is that you can take 1 entree and 2 sides.

Is it hard to get a job at Panda Express?

Panda Express regularly needs to hire individuals who consistently work hard. A hiring manager contacts eligible workers to schedule job interviews after receiving and reviewing the appropriate forms. Applicants generally hear back from within a week or two and schedule interviews according to availability.

Is it hard to work at Panda Express?

It is a very stressful but it you can learn to control it Panda Express can reward you very nicely for your efforts. Extremely stressful, unforgiving work environment. I do not recommend this as a first time job. Especially as a minor.

Does Panda Express do paid training?

Yes it is paid training. They do the training inside the store and you are basically working like you would regularly.

What is Panda Express culture?

Respect. We treat each other with respect and seek win win relationships with guests business partners and our communities. Growth. For panda to learn and grow we must each learn and grow we are humble and open to new ideas as our world is consistantly changing. Great Ops.